Golden Asset Management helps banks and investors achieve a quick turnaround, through an efficient and dedicated team of experts for the following.

Multifamily Real Estate Investment Deals

Quick Contract to Sale Time

Research & Analysis on Properties, Identifying Heirs

Liens & Debts that encumber the sale of a property

Portfolio Asset Management

Loan Loss Mitigation


Your Golden Portfolio

With a Golden Partner

1 / 7
Building, Designing, and Recovering.

Golden Asset Management's Team

CEORachel Aron

Asset Manager for loss mitigation.

Skilled in Research, Loss Mitigation Solutions, Loan Modifications.

Strong Knowledge of Federal Regulations and Collection Laws (FDCPA).

CSOMichael Aron

Skilled in Stategy, Operations, Logistics, Networking, and Sales.

Strong history of business development, strategy, and execution.

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Sr. Account Manager

Manage partners accounts of banks and investors.

Manage portfolios.

Complete contractual responsibilities.

Jr. Account Manager

Assist Sr. Account Manager with the following.

Manage portfolios.

Complete contractual responsibilities.

Business Development

Reports directly to COO for business development strategy.

Main focus is marketing and outreach .

Keep active business relationships strong.

Detailed in present. Focused on future.

Golden Asset Management
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